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Here at snap we also have a BYOP policy. What does that mean?

Smart Phone, Basic Phone
Pink Phone, Blue Phone!
We have the right phone at the right price waiting for you! 

Thats right! Chances are you can use your existing phones from all the major carriers. Seriously… who does that? WE DO!!!

We have a large variety of new and used phones to meet every budget.  Some of the phones shown above are some examples of the phones we carry.  Wether you want a smart phone or basic,  keyboard, touch screen or both we can help.  Come by and see our selection, or request a specific model and we will get it for you. Interested in seeing our current stock? Stop by or contact us for more information.

You can bring your existing phones from all the major carriers, even Cellular One,  and we will be able to use them on our plans.  Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Casio, Pantech, LG, more ! Bring your phone in to see if we can get it activated for you. Feel free to contact us via the contact page to see if your phone is eligible. Chances are we will say YES!

Tired of your old phone and want to upgrade to a something better, more fun and more efficient? We will buy or give you credit for your old phones, don’t recycle ‘em, get paid for them.