SNAP Communications Mobile Device Repair

SNAP Communications is looking to offer mobile repair services. It isn't currently implemented yet, prices are to be determined, and this service being in place isn't finalized yet, so there is a chance we may not implement it.

SNAP Communications offers local repair services in the Missoula area. This service will have options

In Home Repair

We come to you, whether it be a home address or a business address, and the technician will complete the repair on site, typically done in their vehicle. Not every repair will qualify for an at home repair, as the limited tools available during a mobile repair may not be enough to complete the repair.

Repairs eligible for in home service will be marked with a "Local Repair" icon

Local Device Pickup and Delivery

We will send an employee out to pickup the device from you and bring it back to the shop to complete the repair. Since there will be multiple trips required for this service, one to retrieve the device, and another to deliver it back after a completed repair, this will incur a service fee higher than a standard in home repair.

Repairs eligible for local pickup and delivery will be marked with a "In Store Repair" Icon

Have a brand not listed or can't find your specific device? We may still be able to help, just give us a call at (406) 750-4576 and we'll look into whatever repair you may need!