Device Repair

We offer repair services for all kinds of mobile devices, like phones and tablets, for all kinds of device brands, including Apple, Samsung, Google, Motorola, LG, and more. We also repair video game controllers as well.

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We can repair and customize controllers. Buy pre made designs or put in a request for your own design. Buy the controller itself, or supply your own to have it customized and save money!

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Pre-Paid Phone Service

We are a multi-carrier and provide services for Verizon and AT&T towers. Support a local who provides in person customer service to help you set up and trouble shoot your Pre-Paid service. Pay in person, over the phone, online, or auto-pay.

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Like-new Devices

Tired of buying expensive brand-new devices or buying used devices online or second hand and receiving a product of lower quality than expected, or a locked device that you can't even use? We freshly refurbish devices to give a like-new experience without having to pay new prices.

We also sell brand new devices that are locked to our pre-paid services.

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Cell Phone and tablet


We sell all kinds of accessories, like Bluetooth devices, expanded device storage, audio and charging equipment, as well as device protection like cases and tempered glass protectors, installation included!

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and More!

We have some smaller services we offer as well, such as data transfer, device cleaning, temporary repairs for data recovery, and a little bit of software troubleshooting as well.

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