One of the services we offer, Page Plus Cellular, will be going through an End of Service in November of 2024. We are currently making preparations for this change, and trying our best to get as many customers ported over to one of our other carriers as soon as possible. If you are unsure about what service you are active on, please contact the store by either phone or email.

For information about this end of service and what to do to prepare for it, please visit the page linked below.

Online Pre-Paid Phone Service Payment

We are a Multi-Carrier, so not every service we offer has access to every option.  If you are changing your plan, are unsure of which plan you are currently on, or which options you have for your service, please contact the store first.  Your payment may not be applied without doing so, or the order may be cancelled and then refunded if the plan paid for is unavailable for your phone number.

Phone plans have to be manually added by staff. As such, it may take up to 2 hours during normal business hours for your payment to be processed, and up to another 30 minutes for the phone to activate.  If you are making a payment after hours, your payment won't be processed until the next business day by 11 AM

Once a phone plan has been added to a phone number, we will be unable to refund that payment.

Phone Plans
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