Page Plus Cellular End of Service

As of November 1st, 2024, Page Plus Cellular, one of our most common services we offer, will start their end of service process. Detailed below is information on how to prepare for this change.

We are looking to port customers phone numbers over to our other services. Porting a number is the process of moving your existing phone number over to a new carrier. This is something that you would want to handle as close to your plans expiration date as possible, as once we complete this process, you will lose out on any remaining service days. Expiration dates may not be the same as billing dates, so to more properly plan for this change, we recommend that you contact the store to find out what your expiration date is. You will need to have the phone with the affected number(s) present with you for us to check the expiration date.

There are a few ways we will be handling this change of service, which changes depending on the city you are in and your availability.

For Missoula customers, or those that have the ability to come into our Missoula location

For the smoothest possible transition, we ask that you come into the store. This allows us to handle pretty much everything in terms of the porting process. All you would need to do is leave your phone with the active number in it with us and we will take care of the rest. The process of getting the information we need and submitting the port usually takes about 15 minutes at most, however, we do typically try to make sure the new service is working fine before you leave, and the time it takes for a port to fully complete veries. If you are able to leave the phone with us longer than that initial 15 minutes, that would be ideal.

For Browning customers

The process for customers located in Browning will be similar to those that can make it into our Missoula store, it'll just be a more limited in terms of availability. We recommend you go see the owner, Albert, when he is in Browning to have this process done, if possible. He goes to Browning every other Wednesday. Keep in mind though that it can get pretty busy for him when he goes to Browning, so we recommend you contact the store to figure out the best date and time to go and see him.

For any other customers

Up until the beginning of July, we will be mailing out SIM cards for free. However, completing the port process without having the phone present is a more difficult and time consuming process. We ask that if you aren't able to come into the Missoula office, or can't go and see Albert in Browning, that you contact the carrier directly to get your porting information (that process will be underlined later). If you aren't able to get that information on your own, there will be a $10 fee which will be charged at the same time as the activation of your new service.

For customers that contact us about shipping a SIM card out after July 1st, 2024, that will incur a $5 fee, which will be charged up front before shipping.

How to acquire your porting information

For customers that want to collect their porting information, whether it be because you aren't able to come into the store or see Albert in Browning for us to port your number for you , or if you decide to port out to a different carrier entirely, you can get your porting information by contacting Page Plus directly. You can either dial the number 611 from the device that has the phone number you need that information for, or you can call them directly at 1 (800) 550-2436. When you call them, they will ask you for a 4 digit security code. This passcode may have been set by you on account creation or changed at some point if you've had to contact Page Plus in the past. We do not keep account passcodes on file. If you can't verify your account, they can typically help you with resetting the account passcode. You will need the phone with the phone number active in it with you to reset the passcode. If you have any issues with verifying your account, you can contact the store and we can do our best to help out.

For customers on Auto-pay

If you have auto-pay active with us and decide to port out to a different carrier, please notify us as we have to manually cancel that auto pay. If an auto-pay is not cancelled and a payment successfully pulls, and you were able to successfully port your number out to a different carrier, when we do a number status check on our side, we will be able to see if your number is still in service with Page Plus or not, and if it's not, we will void the order and cancel the auto-pay. The refund may take a few business days to process.

Once a plan is added to a phone number, we are unable to process a refund, as that process is final. If an auto pay is processed right before we port your number over to another one of our carriers, because the plans are prepaid, you will still be charged for the previous plan paid for with your auto pay as well as your new service plan, which is why we recommend that we process the ports as close to your expiration date as possible. Please contact the store to temporarily suspend your payment to avoid double charges when you are ready to port your phone number.